Poulithra is a village on the seaside, just 9 kilometers away from the town of Leonidion, the capital city of the province of Kinouria that combines harmoniously mountain with sea.

The village consists of two districts, the one being full of life during the summer with its wonderful pebble seaside and the other to be met when leaving the seaside while walking up the snake-like roads where traditional stone built manor houses feature the region’s traditional architectural style.

At the site of Poulithra there was the ancient town of “Polichni” which is mentioned by the famous historian, Polivios. The acropolis of the ancient town is located on the Vigla hill, which is next to the village port. Signs of the ancient port can be found in the nearby wetland bollards .

Poulithra has all the features of a Greek natural environment: The crystal clear waters of Mirtoon Sea, the natural port that people have been using since the ancient times, pathways for hiking, wild cliffs and clear water streams which, during the summer, turn to dry river beds.

The small church of Saint George (Ai Giorgis,) situated at the edge of the village, deserves a special reference. It can only be reached by boat and from its yard it offers a magnificent view of the sea and the village.

Starting from Poulithra, one can take many interesting tours to the surrounding area and particularly to Leonidion, an especially picturesque town and traditional settlement at the same time, with well-preserved historic monuments (castles), a town famous for its unique way of celebrating the Orthodox Easter as well as the summer festival of eggplant.

Other places to visit are the Monastery of Elonas and the village of Kosmas as well as the mountain villages Peleta, Amigdalia and Pigadi and the natural cove of Fokianos.